Royal Livestock is located outside Glenmont, Ohio in Holmes County.  Our farm began in 1991 with the purchase of our current property raising sheep and cattle.  In 1999 Boer goats were added with the initial purchase of four does and a buck from B & B Livestock of Danville, Ohio.  In 2001, we purchased brood does from Sisters II of Carlsbad, Texas.  In 2007, we expanded our goat operation to include genetics from No Step Ranch, Sterling, Texas.  In 2012, we expanded further and partnered with No Step Ranch which is deep in 900 genetics.  Our operation now includes over 100 does which includes some of the most popular Texas wether genetics.  Besides wether-type goats, we also raise a small select flock of Southdown sheep. 

Visitors are always welcome, and phone calls are appreciated.

Upcoming sale dates

October 29:

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